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                                    Battery Testing

                                    Battery Testing

                                    Battery Laboratory

                                    DDT Battery Laboratory has complete testing equipment, which can fully test the safety of batteries and battery cells according to the standards of IEC, UL, GB, EN etc.


                                    Battery extrusion tester, temperature-controlled battery short-circuit tester, explosion-proof chamber, simulated high-altitude low-voltage test chamber, battery burning test device, battery weight impact tester, battery drop tester, glove box, battery internal short-circuit tester, etc.

                                    Battery Laboratory Common Testing Items and Standards

                                    Test projects:

                                    Temperature cycling test, thermal shock test, high temperature and high humidity test, low air pressure test, vibration test, free fall test, crash test, extrusion test, heavy impact test, overcharge test, over discharge test, external short circuit test, high temperature discharge test, low temperature discharge testing, cyclic discharge testing, thermal abuse testing, etc.

                                    Testing Standards

                                    UL1642, UL2054,

                                    IEC/EN 62133-2012,


                                    GB 31241-2014, GB/T 18287-2013, GB/T 31484-2015, GB/T 31485-2015

                                    Battery Laboratory Service Scope

                                    Portable electronic products containing lithium-ion batteries or battery packs, such as Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, radios, walkie-talkies, or mobile power supplies, and other domestic and international certifications.

                                    Testing Lab
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