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                                    IP Waterproof Test

                                    Test projects of water proof lab

                                    Test requirements for each level of IP waterproof test

                                    IP Waterproof Test Equipment

                                    IPX9K High Pressure/Steam Tet Cleaning Test

                                    Internal diameter of outlet: 12.5mm;

                                    Angles of jetting: 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°;

                                    Jetting pressure: 8000~10000kPa ;

                                    Water temperature requirement: 80±5℃

                                    Ice-water impact test chamber

                                    Water temperature range: 0~4℃;

                                    Temperature range: room temperature+10℃~160℃;
                                    Rate of temperature rise: room temperature+10℃~160℃≤40min ;

                                    Basket dimension: 1200*1000*500mm;

                                    Dimension of water chamber: 1500*1200*600mm;
                                    Water flow: 3~4L/3 sec;

                                    Testing Lab
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