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                                    Mechanical Test Equipment

                                    Mechanical Test

                                    Mechanical Test Equipment and Applicable Standards

                                    Three Synthesis Test Equipment

                                    Quantity: 3
                                    Temperature range: -40~+150℃
                                    Humidity range: 20~95%
                                    Vibration: sinusoidal vibration or random
                                    Vibration table-board dimension(L*W):
                                    800*800mm (horizontal)
                                    Main reference standards: ISO 16750-3; GB/T

                                    28046.3; GB/T 2423.59; GB/T 2423.102

                                    Mechanical Impact Equipment

                                    Load weight: 30KG
                                    Maximum impact acceleration: 500G
                                    Pulse width time: 1~30ms
                                    Wave form: half sine/square wave
                                    Platform dimension: 400*400mm
                                    Main reference standards: GB/T 2423.5; IEC 60068-2-27

                                    Vibration Mechanical Impact Test Equipment
                                    Quantity: 5
                                    Vibration: sinusoidal vibration/random vibration;
                                    sinusoidal random compound vibration
                                    Vibration table-board dimension(L*W):
                                    Main reference standards: GB/T 2423.10; IEC 60068-2-6; GB/T 2423.56; IEC 60068-2-64

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