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                                    Environmental Test

                                    Introduction of Environmental Tests

                                    Environmental test is a method for testing quality of raw materials, semi-finished products and
                                    finished products by simulating various environmental climates for verifying if materials and
                                    products reach the quality objectives expected in R&D, designing, and manufacturing by
                                    various environmental testing equipments. It is widely used in different fields, such as aviation,
                                    aerospace, military, shipbuilding, electrical industry, electronics, medical industry, photovoltaic
                                    industry, lighting industry, petrochemical, and automobile, etc. The main applications of
                                    environmental tests in enterprises are in research test, stereotype test, production inspection test,
                                    product acceptance test, safety test and reliability test.
                                    Environmental Main Test Items and Applicable Standards

                                    Environmental Test Equipment

                                    Constant temperature and humidity chamber

                                    Quantity: 50pcs;
                                    Volume: 225L, 408L, 1000L, 4m3, 8m3
                                    Temperature range: -70~+200℃
                                    Humidity range: 10~95%
                                    Rate of heating and cooling: heating rate: about 3℃/min;
                                    cooling rate: about 1℃/min

                                    Test projects: high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature cycle, damp heating test, constant humidity and heating test

                                    8m3 Walk-in temperature and humidity chamber
                                    Temperature range: -40~+150℃
                                    Humidity range: 20~95%
                                    Rate of heating and cooling:heating rate about +3℃/min;cooling rate: about +1℃/min

                                    Thermal shock chamber(two-box with lifting cage)
                                    Quantity: 6
                                    Volume: 80L, 150L, 270L
                                    Temperature range: -55~+150℃
                                    Temperature conversion time: ≤5 sec

                                    2m3 Two-box thermal shock chamber (left-right sliding basket)
                                    Temperature range: -55~+180℃

                                    Volume: 2m3
                                    Temperature conversion time: ≤5sec

                                    Three-box Thermal Shock Chamber

                                    Quantity: 3
                                    Volume: 80L, 400L
                                    Temperature range: -40~+150℃
                                    Temperature conversion time: ≤3sec
                                    Rapid temperature change chamber(ESS Rapid temperature change chamber (ESS stress screening) is mainly used stress screening)
                                    Quantity: 6
                                    Volume: 225L, 408L, 1m3
                                    Temperature range: -50~+150℃
                                    Rate of temperature change (linear) :
                                    1m3 (≤25℃/min)
                                    High and low temperature low pressure test chamber
                                    Chamber dimension:1000*1000*1000mm
                                    Temperature range: -50~+150℃
                                    Pressure range: 常壓~0.5Kpa
                                    Voltage dropping time: ≤45min(normal pressure~1Kpa)

                                    Ultraviolet photoaging chamber

                                    Temperature range: -10~+70℃
                                    Humidity range: 50~95%
                                    Chamber dimension: 1140x500x500mm
                                    Irradiance range: ≤1.0W/m2
                                    Lamp type: UVA340/UVB313/UVA351
                                    Solar Radiation

                                    Temperature range: 10~70℃
                                    Humidity range: 50~95%
                                    Chamber volumn: 512L
                                    Irradiance range: (wavelength 280~800nm): 0-
                                    1200±15% W/m2;
                                    Irradiance range (wavelength 340nm): 0-0.7 W/m2
                                    Irradiance range (wavelength 420nm): 0-1.1 W/m2

                                    Environmental reliability test chiller for chilling components (new energy vehicle motor controller, battery management system)
                                    Temperature range: -40 ℃~+120 ℃
                                    Low temperature chiller: -40 ℃~+40℃
                                    High temperature chiller: +40℃~+120 ℃
                                    Chilling power: 20KW
                                    Max. velocity: 6m3/H
                                    Temperature fluctuation: ±1℃

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